AATA | Argentine Association
of Assistive Technologies


Promote access and effective use of TA resources in order to optimize life quality for people with different abilities.


Individuals featuring different abilities will enrich their life quality through integrated actions among different areas related to assistive technology by having access to resources information and related services.


Related to People

  • Improve the potential of individuals with different abilities in order to achieve their own objectives by using technology.

Related to Teaching and Research

  • Promote research, development, education and provide technology support to individuals with different disabilities.
  • Support professionals involved in subjects related to TA or Assistive Technologies addressed to individuals with different disabilities.
  • Promote training programs on TA and its use in Tertiary Sectors, Universities and Post Graduate Courses.
  • Organize courses, conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures on TA delivered by national professionals or professionals from abroad.
  • Sign all type of agreements regarding Research and/or technology development with national or foreign organizations and institutions.
  • Grant sholarships, subsidies, sponsorships, etc.

Related to ther Institutions

  • Be in contact with Civil Society, Governmental and non-governmental Institutions, national or foreign, bearing the same goals as this Association.

Related to Legislation

  • Stand up for the needs of individuals with different disabilities regarding technology within the different legislations.
  • Promote bills for the right adaptation, development, research, application and use of the different TAīs.

Related to Social Inclusion

  • Promote and organize social awareness-raising campaigns in the media regarding Assistive Technology and Functional Diversity.
  • Edit printed, graphic, audio, digital or electronic information on TAīs elements which are available to the society, including professionals (such as ATPīs, SMS`s, RETīs, OT`s, PT`s, etc) and individuals with different abilities in order to improve their life quality.
  • Suggest the creation of a Database for TA and Assistive Technology elements so that the community can access and test the different devices based on their needs in order to improve the development of their everyday activities related to the environment.


  • Focus on the individual and their environment.
  • Optimize the individualīs funcionality and their environment.
  • Consider theory and practice concepts within the different disciplines.
  • Be consistent regarding Cost-Effectiveness criteria in optimizing resources.
  • Pursue constant updates.

Lic. Silvana Contepomi