Tina Roesler, MSPT, ABDA

Tina is a PT with over 20 years of experience in seating and wheeled mobility. She has practiced in a variety of settings including acute rehabilitation, long-term care, and pediatrics, and home health. She is currently employed by Motion Composites, a Canadian manufacturer of ultralightweight wheelchairs. She is active in product development, sales and training and education. She has presented at a variety of conferences including LASS, ESS, APTA, ISS, Nordic Seating Symposium and RESNA.

Norma Jiménez García

Norma is an Occupational Therapist graduated from UAMEX, specialist in Assistive Technology from the RST ce, Pittsburg University, International Society of Wheelchair Profesionals. Assitive Technology Consultant at Teletón, Children Rehab and Inclusion Center, State of Mexico. She is a co-trainer for the CUGH Project for the “Viability Analysis of an on-line training and an on-site workshop to train wheelchair providers at urban, suburban and rural areas in Mexico”. Professor for the OT Career at Teletón University since 2018.

Sergio Fernandez

Sergio Fernandez is a Physical Therapist who has been dedicated to neuro rehab for more than 15 years. His main interest focuses on people optimizing their abilities on the wheelchair to achieve independence. For that purpose, it is important to offer them the apropriate equipment with the correct configuration. He has published articles regarding this matter and has been trained in different centers in Europe. He currently works at CINER, a center which specializes in neuro rehab. Sergio also offers training for professionals.

Silvana Contepomi

Physical Therapist with 30 years of experience in Neurorehabilitation. She has specialized in Seating and mobility for 20 years. WHO – WSTP trainer, taught in South Africa, Mexico, Buthan. He has also participated in many national and international conferences. She is currently passionate about 24 hour postural management.

Bart Van der Heyden

Bart Van der Heyden is a licensed physical therapist specialised in wheelchair seating & mobility as well as wound care for more than 20 years.
Bart is licensed and has practiced as a physical therapist in Belgium, Germany and the USA. Now based in Belgium, he travels all over the world for lectures, educational events and hands on sessions to varied audiences on seating and mobility issues, the provision of wheelchair equipment for children and adults with moderate to severe physical challenges, as well as wound care related challenges.
He maintains a strong hands on working experience and helps out in the private physio practise (De Kine = Physical Therapy Practise) with his wife. He assesses many wheelchair users and provides innovative solutions for specific seating, mobility or wound care related concerns.
Bart is also clinical consultant on clinical applications, design and functionality of medical devices for several manufacturers.

Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP - USA

Mark is an occupational Therapist, an Assitive Technology Professional and an assistant professor at Pittsburgh University. He ahs got more than 25 years of experience on wheelchairs. He is the International Seating Symposium Director when it takes place in the US. His main interest is on Functional Results.

Diego Uberti

Diego Uberti is a Medical Physiatrist and also a PT. He has professional background in Castillo Morales Concept, Bobath Children and Adult Concept, Mobilization of Nervous and Myofascial Tissue, and also in Locomotor Training. He is a university professor and a member of many national and international associations. He has work experience at Rita Bianchi Clinic, and he is a Medical Director at Neurocinesis and Neuroability. As a speaker, he has taught courses in Neurorehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injury, March, ACV, Locomotor Training, Ataxia, Etc. in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Orestes Freixes

Licenciado en Kinesiología y Fisiatría con más de 20 años de Experiencia en Rehabilitación neurológica. Su principal interés se centra en el Posicionamiento de la persona y la optimización de la configuración del equipamiento para lograr la autonomía de las personas. Ha publicado diversos artículos y desarrollado evaluaciones específicas que abordan estos temas. A lo largo de su carrera se ha perfeccionado en centros de primer nivel de USA, Suecia y España, entre otros. En la actualidad, tiene su propio centro llamado CINER, donde aplica su expertise a diario para brindar soluciones a los pacientes. También brinda capacitaciones para los profesionales interesados en el tema.

Belén Hidalgo

Belén Hidalgo is Biomedical Engineer graduated from UNC (Córdoba National University). She has taken a Master Course in Biomedical Engineering oriented to Biomechanics at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. Part of the Master Course was taken in the Biomechanics Lab in Cataluña at the Polytechnical University.
She has specialized in Assistive Technology and for 7 years she has been working with interdisciplinary teams looking for technology solutions aimed to power patients funcional abilities. She is currently working at Neuroability Center in Córdoba City in Argentina within the Assistive Technology Service and Research and Development Area.

Joseph A. Straatmann, OTD, OTR/L

Joseph A. Straatmann, OTD, OTR/L is an occupational therapist specializing in wheelchair, seating and mobility evaluations at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the Center for Assistive Technology. He is an Adjunct Clinical Instructor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology at the University of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee with his Doctorate in Occupational Therapy. He has been involved with the Go Baby Go! program since 2014 and has been participated and coordinated multiple builds and workshops, including a workshop at the annual American Occupational Therapy Association conference in 2016 and the International Seating Symposium in 2017.

Vince Schiappa, MS, ATP

Graduate Student Researcher.
Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology | RSTCE.
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
University of Pittsburgh.
Vince currently holds a position as a Graduate Student Researcher at the University of Pittsburgh in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Science. His areas of research interest include outcome measures, quality assurance data analysis, and power wheelchair seat elevation. Other interests include adaptive sports & recreation and seating & mobility. He has presented his work at various conferences including the Internal Seating Symposium and European Symposium. His previous work includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health from Slippery Rock University and a Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, he is a certified Assistive Technology Professional from the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America.

Francesco Fochi

Francesco Fochi is a Physical Therapist graduated from Bologna University. He has been working in different Rehab Centers in Italy for more tan 30 years. He has worked in leader mobility companies worldwide as Technical Advisor and Product Manager. He is currently Technical Advisor for a company which main activity is manufacturing, marketing and exporting rehab products. He has participated in many Conferences mainly in Italy. He has also been a Speaker in different ISS.

Sandra Arias Guzmán

Sandra is a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology at the University of Pittsburgh where she is researching the detection of personalized risk factors for pressure injuries and evaluating standardized protocols for characterizing the performance of wheelchair cushions. She is also completing an internship in clinical Rehabilitation Engineering at the Center for Assistive Technology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for the provision of Wheelchair Seating & Mobility interventions and other related Assistive Technologies. She obtained her Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Electrical Engineering concentrating in Bioelectronics from CINVESTAV-Mexico. Sandra was also a Visiting Professor in the Department of Basic Science and Engineering at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City.

Sara Munera

Sara is a Physical Therapist with a Master´s Degree in Rehabilitation Science. She has worked in Colombia and the US and has experience in training for the provision of the wheelchair in the WHO in Kenia, Southafrica, Colombia and México. She has also taken a training in Japan regarding intelectual and development disabilities with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. She is a Certified Trainer for the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals and a profesional for Assistive Technology – ATP-RESNA.